Hrito Tsanov

" Le Médecin malgré lui "

По неволя доктор | The doctor in spite of himself

The comic opera in three actions with four picture scenes to the comedy of the same name by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin - Molière.

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Scene of the action: 17th century, Kingdom of France
Translation from French!
Composer: Dr.Hristo Tsanoff, DM
Libretto: Dr.Hristo Tsanoff, DM

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin - Molière Jean-Baptiste Poquelin - Molière

15 January 1622 Paris, Kingdom of France
17 February 1673 Paris, Kingdom of France


  • Géronte - father of Lucinde - baritone
  • Lucinde - daughter of Geronte - soprano
  • Léandre - Lucinde's lover - tenor
  • Sganarelle - man of Martine - basso
  • Martine - wife of Sganarelle - mezzo-soprano
  • Valère - Géronte's servant - baritone
  • Lucas - man of Jacqueline - tenor
  • Jacqueline - Lucas's wife and Géronte's nurse - alto
  • Thibaut - a peasant - baritone
  • Perrin - a peasant; son of Thibaut - tenor


    Fl. in C, Fl. alto in G, 2Ob., C.Ingl., 2Cl in A/B, Bassclarinet in B/A, 2Fg, Fg. basso, 2 Cr. in F, Euph. in B, Trb. in D, Trb. in B, Trbn. alto in Es, Trbn.t., Trbn. basso, tipmpani (full set), G.C., Piatti, Tamb. picc., Triangolo and strings.

    The theater premiere of the comedy "Le Médecin malgré lui" was on 06 August 1666 year.

       I dedicate,
    to the numerous doctor among the composers and the numerous composer among the doctors .... i.e. .... to myself !!!

    Ha ...
               Ha ...
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    Hristo Tsanov

    07 April 2019

    07 July 2018, Saturday - 07 April 2019, Sunday
    villa "Lina", v.Emona, - Sofia, Bulgaria

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