Hrito Tsanov


1947 - Hristo Spasov Tsanoff was born on 7th of January 1947 (Christmas day) in the city of Sofia, in the family of a alumnus of Vienna and Stuttgart Universities - Spas Tsanoff Naidenoff and a teacher named Vasilka Milanova Tsoneva (she was a grand daughter of the chieftain Nikola Belobradov to whome the people dedicated one of the most beautiful Macedonian songs, and a daughter of the rebel Milan Tsoneff);

1953 - begins his elementary education in Sofia;

1954-1961 - pupil of professor Pancho Vladigeroff. During that exact period, Maestro Tsanoff writes his first opera "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", on the unique drama of William Shakespeare;

1953-1963 - studies the violin to Katia Dekova - the sixth concert etude in G-dur from the cycle "Play of the thought" is dedicated to her;

1958-1965 - private student in the piano;

1964-1989 - a life in the SHADOW - in the art;

1968 - successfully accepted in the Medical Academy in Sofia;

1977-1998 - works as a Military Doctor and long years after that as a Brigade Doctor (lieutenant - colonel) in the city of Sliven, where he wrote some of his most famous and acknowledged works:Violin concert No.1 and Symphony No.1 ( organ );

1987-1998 - studies and develops his own method for conservative treatment of morbus Buogeri (thrombargiitis S.endangiitis obeituranus);

Since 1998 Hristo Tsanoff is dedicatedly involved with composition, requeted music and his own projects as well.


Adeste fideles læti triumphantes | O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant! | Herbei, o ihr Gläub’gen The suicide Blazhen muzh | Blessed is the Man Deus Abraham I. | Tsanov Concert etude for Flute in G and Harp | Tsanoff Concert etude for Trumpet in C and Trumpet in B | Tsanoff Tantum ergo| Tsanoff Concert etudes for solo Piano No. 6 - THE STANZAS OF THE DEVIL

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