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Please see a small part of this works in printed form [PDF version].

In a possible interest in the works, please contact us through our e-mail.

While performing in a Christian church, not due to a copyright fees. The same goes for concert performance for charity! For more information please contact us.


" Le Médecin malgré lui "

" The suicide "

" The three ladie's hats "


Panichida - "Bulgarian Requiem"

Blazhen muzh

Bogoroditse Devo No.I.-VII.

Blagoslovi, dusje moia, Gospoda No.I.-VII.

Heruvimska pesen No.I.-VII.

Tebe poem No.I.-III.

Sviatii Bozhe No.I.-III.

Nine opustaeshi No.I.-III.


Missa pro defunctis

Oratorio: Stabat Mater dolorosa

Libera me No.I.-III.

Adeste fideles

Dixit Simeon ad Maria

Ave verum corpus Christi No.I.-III.

Panis angelicus No.I.-II.

Stabat Mater speciosa - No.II.

Incipit lamentatio I.-IV.

Lacrimosa I.

Cantate Domino

Ave maris stella

Ave Maria No.I. - VII.

Stabat Mater speciosa / Hymn /

Credo / Hymn /

Pater Noster / Matthaeus 6, 9 - 13 /

Angelus Domini / Lucas 2, 10 - 14 /

Beati pauperes spiritu / Matthaeus 5, 3 - 10 /

Tu es Petrus / Matthaeus 16, 18 /

O filii et filiae / Hymn /

Locus iste No.I.-III.

Christus factus est No.I.-III.

Os justi No.I.-III.

Deus Abraham

Tantum ergo

Inveni David



Simphony No.1

Simphony No.2 in g-moll


Piano concert No.1 in f-mol

Piano concert No.2 in h-moll

Piano concert No.3 in C-dur

Piano concert No.4 in Es-dur


Violin concert No.1

Violin concert No.2


Violoncello concert No.1 in a-moll

Violoncello concert No.2 in c-moll


Concert etude for two Double basses .:. Contrabasses

Concert etudes for oboe and clarinet in C

Concert etude for two violas

Concert etude for solo Harp

Concert etude for Alto Flute in G and Flute in C

Concert etude for Concert etude for Flute in G and Arpa

Concert etude for Trumpet in C and Trumpet in B

Concert etude for Trumpet in C and Trumpet in D

Concert etudes for solo Double bass .:. Contrabass

Concert etude for Pan flute, Sheng and Bass clarinet

Concert etude for two solo violins in e-moll

Seven concert etudes for solo Bass clarinet

Seven concert etudes for solo viola

Concert etudes for Flugelhorn

Seven concert etudes for Bass clarinet and Piano

Concert etudes for Picc.Trb. in B, Trb. in D, Trb.basso in C and string orchestra

Concert etude for Cl. in B, Fg., Cr. in F and strings orchestra

Concert etude for Cr. in F, violoncello and strings orchestra

Concert etude for organ and violoncello

Concert etude for organ and alto trombone in Es

Eight concert etudes for solo violin

Seven concert etudes for solo violoncello

Seven concert etudes for solo organ

Concert etudes for solo piano

Nocturnes for piano

Five concert etudes for two Violins, two Viollas and Violoncello

Concert etude for Flute, Englich horn, Basson, Violin, Viola I, Viola II, Violoncello, Doubl.bass

Concert etude for Clarinet in D and string orchestra

Concert etude for Corno in F and Piano

Concert etude for 2 oboe and C.ingl.

Concert etude for Oboe d'Amore, Corno ingl., Viola d'Amore, Violoncello

Concert etude for Clarinetto in B, Clarinetto basso in B, Saxofono alt. in Es, Saxofono ten. in B, Corno in F, Tuba, Campanelli ( Glockenspiel ), Piano, Violino I, Violino II, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabasso

Concert etude for violin and organ

Dr.Hristo Tsanoff takes individual orders for composing the following workds:
     - stage works: Opera and Ballet;
     - church works: Requiem, Mass, Cantata, Oratorio and Chorale;
     - symphony [ can by and solo instrument or soloist and chorus ];
     - minuature and concert for solo or more instruments;
     - chorus music;
     - songs and solo recitals;
     - other mode;
For more information please send us e-mail.

Giving of works for charity:
The works are to be granted for non-commercial performance in the following ways:
     - live;
     - mechanical or electronic record;
     - use of entire piece or parts of them in printed, radio or TV advertisement.

We assure you that we will answer every single query:
     - peace keeping;
     - health culture, fighting rare diseases, anomalies and epidemics;
     - hunger fighting;
     - educational activities;
     - defending of men's rights ( fugitives, suffering from natural disasters, political pursuit, racialist or religious discrimination );
     - religious tolerance;
     - art;
     - defending of the sacred right of the artist - copyright ( includes also defense of software patents and fighting intellectual piracy);
     - others.


Adeste fideles læti triumphantes | O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant! | Herbei, o ihr Gläub’gen The suicide Blazhen muzh | Blessed is the Man Deus Abraham I. | Tsanov Concert etude for Flute in G and Harp | Tsanoff Concert etude for Trumpet in C and Trumpet in B | Tsanoff Tantum ergo| Tsanoff Concert etudes for solo Piano No. 6 - THE STANZAS OF THE DEVIL

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