Hrito Tsanov

Stabat Mater speciosa II.


soloists: Mezzo-soprano

filiorum choro et mixta choro (SATB)

Fl. in C; Fl in G; 2Ob., Ob. d`amore; corno ingl.; Heckelphon; 2Cl. in B; 2Fg; 4Cr in F; 2Trb. in D; alto Trbn. in Es; tebir Trbn.; basso Trbn.; Organo; Arpa; V-ni I; V-ni II; Viola, Viola d`amore; Vc-llo; C.b. Timp. Campana; G.C.; Trng.; Piatti;

/ measure: 476 /

27 February 2013, Wednesday - 27 March 2013, Wednesday
/ villa "Lina", v.Emona, Bulgaria /

Please see a small part of this work in printed form [PDF version].
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Stabat Mater speciosa | Tsanoff

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