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First of all I thank you for your interest for Dr. Tsanoff`s music.
Feel absolutely free to direct any whole range of questions, suggestions and comments through the following contact form.
Thank you in advance!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Vasil Tsanov

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Dr.Hristo Tsanoff takes individual orders for composing the following workds:
     - stage works: Opera and Ballet;
     - church works: Requiem, Mass, Cantata, Oratorio and Chorale;
     - symphony [ can by and solo instrument or soloist and chorus ];
     - minuature and concert for solo or more instruments;
     - chorus music;
     - songs and solo recitals;
     - other mode;
For more information please send us e-mail.

Giving of works for charity:
The works are to be granted for non-commercial performance in the following ways:
     - live;
     - mechanical or electronic record;
     - use of entire piece or parts of them in printed, radio or TV advertisement.

We assure you that we will answer every single query:
     - peace keeping;
     - health culture, fighting rare diseases, anomalies and epidemics;
     - hunger fighting;
     - educational activities;
     - defending of men's rights ( fugitives, suffering from natural disasters, political pursuit, racialist or religious discrimination );
     - religious tolerance;
     - art;
     - defending of the sacred right of the artist - copyright ( includes also defense of software patents and fighting intellectual piracy);
     - others.


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