Hrito Tsanov

ORATORIO: Stabat Mater dolorosa

   Your High Reverence Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza,
Venerable Fathers,
Dear Christians,

   I most humbly beg Your forgiveness if I happen to unconsciously violate through my words the canon that the Holy Catholic Church has created for two thousand years. Please, ascribe that to the fact that it's a mutilated soul standing before You, a soul that had to drink from the poisonous chalice of atheism, served by the hand of the most obscurantist society the world has ever known, for 55 years.

   My work "Stabat Mater dolorosa" was created on the basis of one of the most beautiful texts of Christian literature. It is a brilliant text but incredibly difficult to "vest" with music. Aiming to recreate the enormous pain in a mother's heart, I was compelled to resort to exceptionally rare instruments such as the love viola, the love oboe and the love flute. The moment depicting the dualism of the mother's soul is particularly difficult, as she has to remain very calm on the outside while inside her heart is rendered in trepidation. Everything could have been achieved with the one and only musical practice - the so-called "play of the seconds".
   A person who has never been baptized is a man of no name who hovers in space like a pale shadow with no aim or destination. In the same respect, a creation that has never been given the blessings of the Holy Catholic Church is just a poor image of a creation

Your High Reverence,
   I am most humbly asking for your Benediction so that God's blessing may abide upon this creation that with every other performance in the future will continuously testify that the Resurrection always overcomes death and suffering. Donating freely this creation to the Holly Catholic Church, I would like to lay the basis of a project to raise money for the purchase of a new organ for this magnificent temple. The organ is the instrument that creates the invisible thread connecting the human soul with God's blessing.

Dear Christians,
   I am most humbly and ardently asking you to support morally and financially this project that I, at this moment, venture bringing to your attention. Let's use our mutual efforts to turn this wondrous church raised from ruins into a spiritual as well as cultural center of Eastern Europe.

Let God look after you and your family!

Sincerely your:
Dr.Hristo Tsanoff, DM

/ measure: 669 /

27 September 2006, Wednesday - 27 January 2005, Saturday
/ villa "Lina", v.Emona, Bulgaria /


High Reverence Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza ( in center )
Venerable Father Marius Polzin / a parish councillor of capuccini of Bulglaria
Dr.Hristo Tsanoff, DM

For donations to the temple, please contact directly to the trustees of the temple address:

"St. Joseph"
146 "St.Knyaz Boris I" str
Sofia - 1000
Bulgaria, EU

tel: +359 2 981 55 48 ; +359 2 98 13 931
fax: +359 2 98 14 347

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