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We are very pleased to welcome you to the website of my site - whether you are visiting the site for work or study reasons, or whether you simply wish to know more about our activities.

In this part of our website, you can find information on how working progects and you can browse and parts of my work in the musical score format.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Dr. Tsanoff, DM

A timeline showing the development of an idea of mine:


Anticancer timeline's articles | Tsanov

Today marks three months beginning of we publishing activities as independent publisher. For this short period we managed to realize 30 musical publications, with 69 works. Built their own / independent distribution network in 30 countries, 14 overseas territories, 3 University (NYU, Harvard, UCOON) and achieved reaching 46.72% of the world population with domestic delivery and for the rest of the world with International delivery. Launched several bilateral partnerships with other publishers already established and strengthened our already established partnerships with new works. Our biggest successes are our hundreds of followers and customers. Special gratitude to all our friends and critics, thanks to which I maintain over 35.2% monthly growths at the GLOBAL MARKET!

In the medium term, priority will operate in Belgium and Argentina.
Thank you!

Dr.Hristo Tsanoff takes individual orders for composing the following workds:
     - stage works: Opera and Ballet;
     - church works: Requiem, Mass, Cantata, Oratorio and Chorale;
     - symphony [ can by and solo instrument or soloist and chorus ];
     - minuature and concert for solo or more instruments;
     - chorus music;
     - songs and solo recitals;
     - other mode;
For more information please send us e-mail.

Giving of works for charity:
The works are to be granted for non-commercial performance in the following ways:
     - live;
     - mechanical or electronic record;
     - use of entire piece or parts of them in printed, radio or TV advertisement.

We assure you that we will answer every single query:
     - peace keeping;
     - health culture, fighting rare diseases, anomalies and epidemics;
     - hunger fighting;
     - educational activities;
     - defending of men's rights ( fugitives, suffering from natural disasters, political pursuit, racialist or religious discrimination );
     - religious tolerance;
     - art;
     - defending of the sacred right of the artist - copyright ( includes also defense of software patents and fighting intellectual piracy);
     - others.


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